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OpenCT also reveals that SERS pension costs were $2. .

Monthly: $1,770: Annual:.


Two single retired people with identical retirement. .

For retirements prior to June 30, 2022, these cumulative raises will be paid each year on either January 1st or July 1st. 90.

That translates into an annual rate of $2.
Updated January 2023 OFA Fact Sheet: State Employees Retirement System Membership Data 6/30/2022 Active members 46,661 Retirees 56,778 Active Averages Years of Service 12.
Two single retired people with identical retirement.

Based on the statutes governing Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for CT TRB members, the Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement Board will be granting COLA as follows.

According to OpenCT, SERS pension costs for state retirees, including those newly retired, were $215 million this past August.

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A Prefatory Note. . Apr 7, 2023 · A married couple’s income goes from $99,999 to $100,000 and their Connecticut state tax due rises from $57 to $2,844, a 4,899% increase. 7 percent cost-of-living adjustment they will see in their 2023 Social Security checks could be a blessing or a curse. SECTION C: PROPOSED APPROPRIATIONS.


The Hazardous Duty Supplement will increase from $14,664 to $16,884, beginning July 1 and paid monthly begining August 1. 2023 Final Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System Final Tier 2 Defined Contribution Plan.

By statute, SERS’ COLA is based on the year-to-year change in the Consumer Price Index (June 2021 to June 2022) for Urban Wage Earners (CPI-W), with a floor of 0% and a cap.