You live in a home, not a brothel, and your husband isn’t a sailor and it ain’t fleet week.


You can also find someone hotter to date or try a rebound. 4.

Take yoga and mediation classes.

By taking the time to talk through your feelings, you may be able to focus on yourself more and appreciate the impact others have had on your life.

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But you sleep for 8 hours.

I don’t know how yet, but give me time. Why you want to get revenge on your ex. .

Heather Floda explained that alongside exercising in the gym, eating healthily helped. Martin, A Clash of Kings.


Put something red in the wash with their whites.

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. Go out and have fun.


. On the other hand, your ex-boyfriend will have one or two friends who have liked you the entire time. This is a fantastic way to exact vengeance.

4. Show the world – and your ex – what a truly wonderful person you are. . "I cut holes in all of his boxers where his balls would sit. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. Let's get right down to business to find out distinct ways to get revenge on those who deserve it.

"My evil boss had three or four houseplants in her office, all in various stages of neglect.

But, when it's taken to extremes, it does make for. .


If there’s one flaw with the trinity concept it’s the fact that it’s nearly impossible to properly balance the darn thing.

Go out and have fun.

Sleep With His Friends.

Get enough sleep.