Traditional Chinese fiction started to be translated into English during the eighteenth century. Below is a list of all the Chinese romance novels with English translations (excluding one chapter only translation).



. 7K views. Xiaolu Guo and James Tookey in conversation.


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Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss. .



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I would like to only translate 1 novel, maybe more as time goes on though.


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Chapter 1325 - Serious Implications. Chinese novels in translation are having something of a golden age right now, with some incredible wuxia novels (martial arts fantasy books), Chinese sci-fi,. All Novels are Updated Daily. Bethune’s Children. Kerstin Gier.

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#4 The Eldest Sister Has Space 45K views.

With these constraints in mind, I wanted to bring you a dozen recently published novels by Chinese (and one Taiwanese) authors who have been fortunate.

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